"Everything is Love-Light in Vibration"

"I dream, then I wake up, but this is not a dream, It's real life, and then I paint my dream in real life."

Rajko Požar

Rajko Požar

I am Rajko Požar, a self-taught abstract artist born in 1979 and situated in an idyllic small town of Brežice, which is surrounded by little corners of inspiration, beauty, and character, all intertwined with a colourful palette of nature.

I am a visionary, who believes in the vast dimensions of art, and break all limits in my work. I wish to revive the depth of a positive person who is reaching for personal growth and allows the emotions to flow freely. My artwork thus absorbs freedom, nature, and an emotional palette of the human spirit, which unfolds into the infinity – the latter is represented by exquisite details and the famous symbol of the spiral.

I believe in the colourful stories which emerge from my work as a result of travel and contact with daily life. They are a retreat, where I express myself through visual aesthetics, approaching an idea that everything surrounding us is art. The work expresses a daily contact with an emotional and spiritual side, and contains a deep philosophy. He strives to awaken the freedom of humanity, my imagination, and the power of conscience, and ennoble the society’s cultural level. Through my work, I wish to let the viewer use their freedom of imagination to create a world which reminisces about the importance of human contact, while at the same time elegantly takes us through a coulourful dance of minimalistic detail and colour combinations, which blend together and create and infinity of stories.

My effort and endless love of art was also recognized at several events and rewarded with an excellent third place at the 2. Art Expo in Ljubljana. My artwork is exhibited in London, Prague, India -Taj West End Bengaluru, Philippines-Manila, Amsterdam ....

As an artist, I am aware of my social responsibility, and try to fulfill my mission to help people by donating to charity.

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