About Rajko Požar

Rajko was born in Slovenia in an idyllic small town, which is surrounded by little corners of inspiration, beauty, and character, all intertwined with a colorful palette of nature.

All his life he has been associated with colors, looking for ways to create and share that love with others. He painted wood furniture for years, but then in 2016 he discovered painting on canvases and now he’s doing it and sharing that love further.

Rajko’s quote:
Enjoy your life every day, live your dreams, love yourself and your family, spreads love forward, be proud of who you are. I’m proud of you all, each of you is unique and special and I love you.

You could interfere too. Helping Rajko by spreading love to single living soul on the planet.

Rajko’s father is also an artist, after finishing his job, he liked to take a pencil in his hand and started drawing and sketching on paper. Other family members worked in the automotive industry, doing quality and logistics work, except his grandfather and mother worked in the hospital. This description shows that Rajko combines all these worlds with precision in the automotive industry, genetic talent of medicine, care for human beings and love.

His talent and endless love of art was also recognized at several events and rewarded with an excellent third place at the Art Expo 2019. As an artist, Rajko is aware of his social responsibility, which he manifests in various donations to charity.

Exhibition & performances:
  • 2020 February to May - Prague Slovanský dům
  • 2020 January - London
  • 2020 January - Krsko Slovenia
  • 2019 December - Moscow
  • 2019 October - London
  • 2019 October - Wilde Borstel Amsterdam
  • 2019 Avgust - 2.Art Expo Ljubljana Slovenia ( 3rd place )
  • 2019 April - Prague Slovanský dům
  • 2019 March - Hong Kong AAMI Shenzhen


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