Art is More than an Aesthetic

The interior designer will always have a superb understanding of the client’s wants. Combining their personality, hobbies and background with the client’s voiced ideas about what they intend the space to look like, an art consultant can put themselves in the mind of the client and produce an artwork which will perfectly fit the client’s taste as well as the aesthetic of the room.

The artistic requirements of a room are usually considered secondary - or even tertiary - to the main objectives of soft furnishings and decor, but engaging the services of an expert consultant could turn the system on its head.
Perhaps the interior design could be managed with the artwork as the central support of the entire look, lending more emotion and personality to a room than would usually be achievable.

Focus on art
Focus on art

Interior is knowledge and art
The dark parquet, the color of the wall and the artwork on the wall are the appearance of the owner of the apartment and the impression for the guest who entered.
No one knows this better than you.
Rajko's mission is to spread good energy and love, which happens in the combination of orderly interior design and art.



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