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Stylish well-being

You are marvellous, let me show you how

Art usually has a positive impact on the environment. It can lighten, brighten and change a space by giving it its own character and warmth. Visually enjoying a space full of imaginative beauty, just spilling is exciting, making life more appealing and honourable.

It can inspire thoughts and questions in both adults and children by encouraging the viewer to think and learn about the topic. It can trigger a worthwhile dialogue between everyone who enjoys it.

By buying my paintings, you also participate in spreading love and good energy.

7% of every painting sold goes to the Academy for Blind and Visually Impaired Children.

Art leads to raising your mood and the mood of your space

Adding artwork looks wonderful in your ambiance, leading to a lifting of the mood for you and the space. A study published by the University of Western Australia found that enjoying and participating in art for just two hours can have a positive effect on one’s mental health. Art really works as a reliable therapy for dementia, depression and other mental illnesses.

Greet the colours, by your heart!

Having something that is yours is exciting. While some only want what others have, it’s becoming increasingly interesting to have what others don’t. You will buy an original work of art simply because of its uniqueness.

Personal stories, invest in them

While investment intentions shouldn’t be the main incentive to buy original art, it doesn’t hurt that a piece you bought ten years ago has doubled in value. Always a fun bonus when collecting artwork!
Buying an original piece will make you more and more happy rather than buying a smooth print. Handmade anything goes beyond the mass production of the everyday.

Obtain incontroverti-ble proof of authenticity

There are a lot of great fakes outside, and sometimes it’s hard even for professionals to guarantee the authenticity of a work of art. However, if you buy art from a living artist, you are sure of its authenticity. When you buy a work of art, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with the relevant information (eg title, size, date, signature of the artist,…), which undoubtedly proves that this work of art is original.

A work of art that suits your needs

Maybe you have a certain idea in mind and I make you a picture according to your wishes, but still in the same artistic style. However, if you just want to change an existing piece (let’s say you adjust the size of the artwork), you can always ask me as an artist to rework one of my works to better suit your needs.


Although art is a very personal thing, many people buy it to gift loved ones or to gift their business partners. Be it a holiday gift or a very special occasion, a good work of art makes a unique, thoughtful and innovative gift that can be appreciated for a lifetime. Think about it, from any point of view, art is good for you! No wonder people buy art. Are you ready to explore the world of art and introduce it into your life?

Contribute to the local economy

While you buy a work of art from a living artist, you are also helping the local economy.
Every artist has to spend that money somewhere after all, and probably at a local boutique or store. In addition, the artist, like any other small business owner, has to pay taxes that are later invested in roads, healthcare, air force, and so on. This way, when you buy works of art by a living artist, you are indirectly contributing to the entire neighbourhood.